Regulation of the contest of sketches is elaborated according to law on Public procurement. Participation in contest of sketches is manifestation of participant’s free will. By submitting a sketch, the participant completely accepts and undertakes to observe all requirements of Regulation.

Client’s ambition is to establish pre-school educational institution of 21st century what should mean:

  • to create environment which is focused to a child, taking into account child’s perception:
  • well-considered mutual relationships between premise and outer programmes, and their connection with wider territory of city environment;
  • should be envisaged connection between groups of pre-school educational institution and outer space;
  • to form establishment, where in functional solution are not made savings on behalf of children’s comfort.

In creative, interactive way through plays, games and elements of facilitation, the children should be led in processes of ecological thinking.

Client is open to innovative proposal of functionally dimensional model of kindergarten.

The aim of sketch contest is to reach existing culturally historical substances in project of pre-school educational institution, and organic integration of planned objects in whole city construction structure.

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