The 1st place in the sketch competition of the Tallinas Street kindergarten goes to the architects Mārtiņš Jaunromāns and Māra Ābele

Today, on 19 July at the Riga City Council, the results were delivered in the international sketch competition announced by the Property Department for designing a new preschool educational establishment in Riga at 6/10/12A Tallinas Street. The first place and a money prize in the amount of 7000 Ls, along with the rights to prepare a technical project have been granted to the architects Mārtiņš Jaunromāns and Māra Ābele.
The proposal submitted by these architects obtained the highest number of points from the jury commission – 650. To compare, the second place earned 558, but the third place – 548 points. The jury commission was comprised of architects Anna Vasiļjeva (Deputy Chair of the Commission), Jānis Lediņš, Edgars Treimanis, Vita Polkovņikova, Juris Poga, Miķelis Putrāms, Tatjana Kotoviča. Independent involved experts – head of the Pre-school Division of the Education Department of the Riga City Council Iveta Nagla and the chairwoman of the Private Preschool Board of Latvia Daina Kājiņa, providing with their opinions on the functional solutions of sketches and the architect Uldis Balodis (a member of the Latvian Architects Union (LAU), member of the LAU Council and Professional Practice Commission), who provided technical opinions. The chair of the jury commission was the head of the Department for the Protection of Cultural Monuments of the Riga City Viesturs Brūzis. He told that the task of the commission was not all that simple, because all the works submitted at the competition were of high level and he added that today the slogans were ceremoniously deciphered, while qualifications of the works will be examined this Thursday.
The second place and a prize in the amount of 5000 Ls was awarded to the architects of SIA “Malus arhitekti” un SIA “DR ARHITEKTI” Renārs Putniņš, Anda Ābele, Uldis Logins, Dāvids Rubins, un Aldis Bliscons.

The third place and a prize in the amount of 3000 Ls was awarded to the project team of SIA “MARK arhitekti” – Aleksejs Birjukovs, Mārtiņš Ošāns, Jānis Sauka, with participation of Santa Matule, Reinis Pope, Agnese Lāce, and Elžbieta Bortkevič.

The jury commission also awarded 5 consolation prizes worth 2000 Ls each. They were granted to the authors’ body from SIA “Projektēšanas birojs ARHIS”, Pāvels Lubovičs and Santa Freimane representing SIA “Marta Plus”, Mantens Devrīnts and Liene Jākobsone, Uldis Bērziņš, and Alvis Zlaugotnis representing SIA “TECTUM, as well as the authors’ body from the Czech company s.r.o. “MOBA Studio”.

As previously reported, at the beginning of April, the Property Department announced an international sketch competition for developing a technical project of a preschool educational establishment, emphasising that the local government is open to new, innovative, and functionally spatial proposals of a kindergarten model. In mid-June, the deputy chair of Riga City Council Andris Ameriks and the director of Property Department Oļegs Burovs publicly presented the 14 works submitted for the international sketch competition for development of a project of the preschool educational establishment in Riga at 6/10/12A Tallinas Street.

The mock-ups submitted for the competition will be available for viewing until 22 July of this year in the lobby on the 3rd floor of Riga City Council.

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